The best banknote award was made to the Reserve Bank of Australia for its new polymer A$5 note. This is the first note to be redesigned in the country for over twenty years and the other denominations will be replaced in the next few years. The note is printed on a clear Guardian substrate from Innovia Security.

The new banknote incorporates a range of cutting-edge security features that have not previously been used on Australian banknotes. Most notably, the A$5 is the first circulating note in the world to feature a clear edge-to-edge window. This partially demetalised top-to-bottom holographic window feature contains a number of dynamic diffractive foil elements, produced by KURZ. These elements are visible on both sides of the banknote and change as the banknote is tilted.

The design of the banknote incorporates a species of wattle and a native Australian bird. When the banknote is tilted diagonally, a SPARK patch in the shape of the Eastern Spinebill shows the different poses of the bird progressively highlighted, making it look as if it is flying. In the centre of the window another bird is depicted sitting on a branch.

The new note also includes a ‘tactile’ feature to assist people with vision impairments, following extensive research into whether an effective and durable marking could be included on Australian notes.

The launch of the new banknote was supported by an information campaign so that the public is able to identify the new banknote and its security features. This includes an updated website (, a new mobile app, and an adverting campaign to raise public awareness. The app was developed as an interactive tool to explore all current Australian banknotes, including the new $5 banknote – and enables users to learn about banknote design and security features, and how to handle counterfeit and damaged banknotes.