China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation’s award was for a series of commemorative  banknotes issued to celebrate the  24th Winter Olympic Games of 2022, hosted by China.

The Peoples Bank of China issued two 20 yuan commemorative banknotes – one on paper and one on polymer.

The polymer note features figure skaters on the front, beneath whom are images taken frm the famous ancient Chinese painting ‘A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains’, demonstrating the  integration of traditional Chinese culture and the Olympic spirit. The building depicted on the reverse is the ‘Ice Cube’ – the Olympics’competition venue – against a night sky of snow and shooting stars  The note also includes a dynamic holographic stripe  in a window incorporating advanced  advanced nano/micro optical security features, and a SPARK Live feature.

The paper banknote features a freestyle skiing athlete on the front, along with the images from the painting as per the polymer note, and the National Ski Jumping Center in Zhangjiakou City, locally known as the Snow Ruyi, on the back against a background of the sunrise. It also features a dynamic holographic stripe and SPARK Live.

Both notes feature the official emblem of the 24th Winter Olympics Games, and a total of 200 million sets were issued.

Commemorative HK$20 and 20 patacas notes were also issued to mark the Olympics by the Bank of China branches on behalf of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Macao Monetary Authority respectively, again produced by China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation.

The Bank of China in Hong Kong issued 2 million HK$20 paper notes. The front features the Olympics emblem and the national flower, the Bauhinia, along with the headquarters of the Hong branch and snow, ice and tracks  The reverse depicts a silhouette of the iconic Hong Kong harbour under moonlight, the Great Wall of China and a speed skater.

The Bank of China’s 20 pataca note features the emblem of the Games and the head offices of the Bank’s branch in Macao. The reverse depicts track speed skaters and the National Speed Skating Oval built for the Winter Olympics. A

Both the Hong Kong and Macao notes include a magnetic MoveColor windowed security thread, watermark and SPARK Live., among other security features.