Nigeria launched one of Africa’s most ambitious financial inclusion and identity verification projects in August 2014, with 100 million Nigerians set to receive а biometric-based verification card featuring an electronic payment solution from MasterCard.

The e-ID card forms a key component of the Nigerian Identity Management System, as part of a mandate to create, maintain and operate the country’s first central National Identity Database and provide proof of identity to all Nigerians 16 years and older.

The card is expected to provide millions of Nigerians – the majority of whom have never had access to a banking product – with the security, convenience and reliability of electronic payments.

A core element of the project is the new multi-purpose e-ID combining 13 applications in total. The Swiss manufacturer of polycarbonate documents Trüb is the supplier of the new card, which is equipped with a chip module for the storage of personal and biometric data of the cardholder as well as keys, certificates and other information for the use of the various e-services and applications.

Personalisation of the card is performed with laser engraving to achieve high durability and strong fraud prevention. The card also features a number of visible and hidden security elements to eliminate any possibility of tampering or altering the original document.